Vehicle-Grid Integration Summit- A Movement Of Worldwide V2G Demonstrators



You are hereby invited to participate in an exciting two-day event focusing on state-of-the-art Vehicle-Grid Integration (VGI) projects.


WHEN: November 21.-22., 2018

WHERE: DTU Risø Campus Building 112 Frederiksborgvej 339 4000 Roskilde


Why go:


Hear how V2G has successfully been tested on the newest models of electric vehicles - both in the lab and in the field

See and touch the technology - including cars and chargers - that can support the power system of tomorrow

Learn about the future of the technology and how it may scale - technically and economically - to support a power system based on renewables.


In addition to the results of the Danish projects, Parker and ACES, the two-day event will also feature leading experts and international projects within VGI and V2G research.



DTU Elektro - Elektrovej, 322, 2 - 2800 - Kgs. Lyngby - 45253516 -