Please upload the below stated documents as soon as possible after signing up. You will hear back shortly after the review process.



Upload a relevant CV (1-2 pages long) that highlights

  • when and where you completed your University teacher training programme - or equivalent,
  • Your experience with teaching and learning at the university level
  • Your experience with educational leadership


Motivation letter:

Write a short (no more than 250 words) text that describes your motivation to participate in this programme:

  • what do you see as challenges in your work - both in particular with the change project that you are involved with and in general
  • What do you expect from the programme to help you in your work and
  • What do you expect from yourself in participating in the programme?


Project idea:

Describe your project or project idea (no longer than 1 page):

  • What is the pedagogical challenge?
  • Description of project elements
  • Which theories/literature do you rely on?
  • What do you hope to learn/gain from the project?
  • How can the result of your project be of interest to others (and who)?

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