Welcome to: Nordic Light Quality – International Standards | LED Conference 2016


The Nordic countries have a unique place in the lighting world. The characteristic northern daylight conditions have contributed to create our Nordic lighting culture. Long summer nights, short winter days and an always relatively long period of warm light at dusk, give us both the need for bright spaces and cosy warm shelters. We believe the lighting of today and tomorrow should adapt to these needs. LED lighting is spreading everywhere fast, however, the regulations and cultural changes that are associated with this are implemented at slower pace. Thus we see non-optimal lighting solutions that might follow applicable standards, but fail in adapting to Nordic conditions.


At this conference, we have the privilege of presenting some of the world’s leading experts in LED lighting regulations together with lighting professionals within the Nordic lighting tradition. They will form a joint picture of the future of lighting, internationally and in the Nordics.


It is our ambition that this event will unite designers, suppliers and decision makers to get a common understanding; both of how LED lighting will shape the lighting culture in coming years, and of how the Nordic perspective on light quality can benefit the LED lighting solutions and raise the standards.


At the conference you will be able to experience presentations from a range of experts. 


Roskilde Fiord (near the conference venue) at two different times.

DTU Fotonik Risø Campus - Frederiksborgvej 399 building 130 - 4000 Roskilde - +45 46774525 - mlwe@fotonik.dtu.dk