January 31st 2020, 09:00-17:00 

Copenhagen Plant Science Center (CPSC) Auditorium, Bülowsvej 21A, 1870 Frederiksberg


Copenhagen University, the Technical University of Denmark, Roskilde University, the Nordic Biochar Network and Inbiom are glad to invite you to this workshop dedicated to the use of biochar in soils.


Biochar is a versatile product that can pave the way to sustainability and circularity in rural and urban contexts. Different soil systems can benefit greatly from biochar application, as this practice can improve soil fertility, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, sequester carbon and support the remediation of persistent contaminants. Moreover, the production of biochar can be a powerful tool to process organic waste streams and close nutrient cycles.


The event will offer the opportunity to meet leading experts working on different aspects of biochar in soil systems, as well as company representatives and specialists in regulatory matters. The program outlines the potential of biochar in environmental applications and highlights the opportunities linked with biochar as fertilizer and soil amendment. Sharing knowledge and ideas about how to boost the use of biochar will be a central objective of the day.


The workshop is funded by Inbiom. Participation is free and lunch and refreshments are included.

However, registration is required and there is a limited number of seats.

Deadline for signing up is January 27th, 2020



Dorette Müller-Stöver dsst@plen.ku.dk

Giulia Ravenni grav@kt.dtu.dk

Tobias Thomsen tpapet@ruc.dk


If you have special dietary requirements please contact Dorette Müller-Stöver in advance.