Regional responses to the crisis in Mali

DIIS seminar organized by the Sahel-Maghreb Research Platform

Friday 9 June 2017, 9.00-12.30


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In 2012, an unstable coalition of nationalist Touareg rebels and local and transnational jihadi groups declared the state of Azawad in Northern Mali independent. In the following months, the jihadi groups imposed themselves on the North and expanded southwards into central Mali claiming that they would conquer the capital, Bamako. Although a French-led military intervention pushed back the jihadi expansion, Northern Mali remains one of the most dangerous places for UN peacekeepers and in the recent months central Mali has seen a steady growth in jihadi activity.


The collapse of security in Northern Mali has called for a host of well-known responses from the international community ranging from the French and the UN military interventions to the broader stabilization and development program initiated by Western donor countries. What remains less explored, but equally important, is the range of responses to the crisis enacted by Mali’s regional neighbours in the North Africa, the Sahel and West Africa. At this DIIS seminar organized under the Sahel-Maghreb Research Platform, four international experts will analyse how regional great powers and regional organizations have responded to the country’s successive crises.


The seminar forms part of the Sahel-Maghreb Research Platform, which is funded by the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and hosted by DIIS with support from Voluntas Advisory. You can see the project page here.


The conference will be held in English.



Rasmus Alenius Boserup, Senior Researcher, DIIS

Abdenour Benantar, Associate Professor, University Paris 8

Anouar Boukhars, Non-resident scholar, Carnegie Endowment for International Peace

Signe Cold-Ravnkilde, Postdoc, DIIS

Peter Kolding, Senior Regional Peace and Stabilization Representative and Coordinator to the Sahel, Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Luis Martinez, Senior Research Fellow, Sciences Po

Bakary Sambe, Director, Observatory on Religious Radicalism and Conflicts in Africa, Dakar





Welcome and Opening


Rasmus Alenius Boserup




The States in the Sahel and West Africa confronted with the crises in Mali


Bakary Sambe




G5 Sahel - regional solutions to regional challenges


Peter Kolding






Signe Cold-Ravnkilde




Q&A with panellists




Coffee Break




Moroccan responses to the crises in Mali and to the expansion of jihadism in the Sahel


Anouar Boukhars




Algerian responses to the crises in Mali and to the expansion of jihadism in the Sahel


Abdenour Benantar






Luis Martinez




Q&A with panellists



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