Global climate governance in a changing world

From gridlock to catalyst: evolution of the global climate regime


Tuesday 13 June 2017, 13.00-15.00


DIIS ∙ Danish Institute for International Studies


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Some 18 months have now passed since the Paris agreement on climate change was reached and hailed as a major success - not only for climate action but for international collaboration in general. Since then, world affairs have changed the context for the agreement significantly. The outcome of the US elections in particular have dampened the mood, leading some observers to predict that international climate collaboration would fall apart.


But is that really what we should expect? Or are we underestimating the strength of the UN climate change agreement and the role of other players such as China, the EU and non-state actors? And how important are governments anyway when it comes to climate action – will non-state actors and markets compensate if governments fail?


To discuss this and related issues, DIIS has invited Dr. Thomas Hale of Oxford University to speak on the changing landscape of global climate governance. Dr. Hale is the author of several books on how we can manage transnational problems effectively and fairly, with an emphasis on climate change and environmental and economic issues.


Dr. Hale’s talk and the subsequent plenary session will discuss the emergence and outlook for global climate governance in our rapidly changing world. It will explore the development of the global climate regime, including the changing roles of the major actors such as US and China, the role of non-state actors, and the future implications for global climate collaboration.



Thomas Hale, Associate Professor, University of Oxford

Mikkel Funder, Senior Researcher, DIIS

Erik Lundsgaarde, Senior Researcher, DIIS







Mikkel Funder




From gridlock to catalyst: evolution of the global climate regime and the role of the US, China and non-state actors


Thomas Hale




Tea and coffee break




Plenary discussion

Chair: Erik Lundsgaarde



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