Advances in Genomics & Technology 2019

Welcome to the nordic event : Advances in Genomics & Technologies 23 May - AGT2019


The genomic science and understanding have taken a giant leap in the last couple of decades. This is due to  scientific breakthroughs and new inventions in technologies and applications. AGT 2019 present  some of today’s new discoveries, initiatives, applications and technologies that are being used and developed in the northern part of Europe. In spite of the breakthroughs very little is known about the connections between genomics, transcriptomics, methylomics and the phenotype e.g. the etiology and pathology for humans. At AGT2019 there will be presentations from the leading genomic institutions in Sweden and Denmark focusing on hole human genome sequencing as a routine applications, others will address how to handle the data that is generated from very large genomic and other biological data sets. The third section of  talk will present new technologies and applications such as NGS long read technologies, spatial transcriptomics and ctDNA/liquid biopsies.

This 1 day symposium will address the science, clinical use, progress, new technologies and a not so often discussed topic - the challenges in the data handling. 


Join us at the first Symposium in Northern  Europe dedicated to hWGS and data. The event is organized by Leymus Genomics & Biopeople. Registration is FREE OF CHARGEbut due to associated cost and limited seets we will charge 100 Euro for a no show without prior cancelation 2 weeks in advance.




Practical information 

Randi Krogsgaard Cluster Manager & Co-Host, Biopeople


Cell: +45 23 83 99 39


Questions to the scientific programme, sponsorships & Speakers dinner

Rasmus Brøndum CEO, Leymus Genomics, 


Cell: +45 29 72 26 92



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