Technical University of Denmark, DTU Diplom

Lautrupvang 15
2750 Ballerup

Telephone: +45 35885088


DTU Diplom in Ballerup. (Tecnical University of Denmark).


Access via the main entrance left of the tower in the middle of the building.


The conference will be held in the rooms D1.72, D1.82 and Auditorium M1.80

Follow the signs.


Getting there:


The easiest is to catch the bus 350S from the city direction BALLERUP. The bus stops right outside the DTU Ballerup Campus. (Be aware that there is also a 350S bus direction HERLEV – you do not want to catch that bus if you are going to DTU J)


Another option, and sometimes during peak hour a little faster, is to first catch the S-train Line C (direction FREDERIKSSUND) , get off at Malmparken Station and from here take the bus 350S direction NØRREPORT or DRAGØR and get off at DTU Ballerup Campus.




You can find more information regarding transportation here:

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If you wish to travel via taxi, you can find them almost on every corner in Copenhagen.


If you wish to call for a taxi, you can use these numbers:

Taxa 4x35 - 35 35 35 35

Dantaxi - 70 25 25 25


Technical University of Denmark - DTU Diplom - Lautrupvang 15 - 2750 Ballerup - +45 35885088

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